The 5 Minute Workout You’ve Been Lazily Waiting For

Let’s get things straight – working out is not exactly a good time. We sweat, we pull muscles, and we make totally unattractive faces when we’re trying to lift a weight larger than our own body (note to Mr. Potato Head for displaying all our basic girl feelings).


Point is, with the beginning of school and the stress that comes with it, students tend to choose an hour of homework over an hour of working out. So many times I hear my friends say “I don’t have time to go to the gym, I’m stressed” all while later seeing a snap story of them binge-watching Stranger Things. So here’s the deal, if you don’t have time to do a quick workout, then this 5 minute routine works for you. So grab a timer, your running shoes, and start that Ariana Grande playlist you’ve been trying to find a perfect moment to listen to.
1. Jumping Jacks (45 Seconds)

2. High Knees (45 Seconds)

3. Burpees (45 Seconds)

4. Squad Jump (45 Seconds)

5. Jump Lunges (45 Seconds)

6. Push Ups (45 Seconds)

7. Russian Twists (30 Seconds)


Yay! You did it! Now get back to studying you sweating, filthy animals!


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