Critics Respond To Recent Trudeau Controversy

Justin Trudeau, for all his pretty boy charm, has fucked up (again).

The current Prime Minister of Canada had recently tweeted his remorse over the death of Cuban politician, Fidel Castro, calling him a “remarkable leader” who made “significant improvements to the education and health care of his island nation.”

Sure, those words seem as lovely as Trudeau’s chunky cheeks and silver smile , but this is the messed up part – for more than 40 years, Castro served as a dictator who refused to allow anyone to take his place as president. Nothing too remarkable about that, eh Justin?

*insert weird past-life photos of Justin Trudeau (El Diablo) here*


Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Trudeau has made Canadians doubt his political skills. He is a notorious public figure for certain incidents he has initiated (immigration politics, weed legalization, etc.) but now – one year into his term as Prime minister – people are expecting more from him, and he keeps giving them less.

Ergo why Mike Strobel wrote in his Toronto Sun article for Trudeau to “kiss the honeymoon goodbye, kid.”

The criticism following Trudeau’s statement of Castro has been strong, for a Twitter hashtag called #TrudeauEulogies trended on Sunday encouraging people to tweet about a fellow villain or dictator who has died and celebrate the horrible things they have done when they were leading.

What a fuddle duddle, am I right?


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