Why We’re Currently Freaking Out Over The 100 Season 4

If you’re into morally tormented characters with a sexual charge as equal as their count for killing, then you’re probably into The 100.

And if you’re not, then grab a bottle of wine – warning: this is necessary, a lot of kick-ass people die so you’ll need it – and fucking watch it already.


Featured in our Binge Diaries edition for September, The 100 tells the story of a band of juvenile delinquents who are sent to earth after discovering a fatal flaw in their spacecraft. Those who land are leaders Clarke (the badass bisexual of the series) and Bellamy (who spends most of his time following whatever order Clarke gives), and other characters who you instantly fall in love with and root for not to die. Which gets kind of hard, since they do a lot of things that either get them injured, captured or – ya, you guessed it – permanently and in-the-ground type of dead.

For 3 seasons we’ve watched these characters encounter dangerous circumstances and overcome them, and now for season 4 – they’re going to have to do that again, and again, until either they’re all dead or the enemies are. Because  you see, since season 3 ended in May, the cast and crew have been very tight-lipped about season 4, so the reason why we’re currently freaking out right now is because they just released the trailer for it this morning.

And yeah, it’s pretty fucking epic.


The trailer itself answers some questions about the new season – like hey, that big-penis-guy from Shameless (Roan) is still alive after getting shot in the first part of the season finale, and Jaha is still around, too (with a shaven head, I might add). But it also leaves us wondering about the dark side Octavia has succumbed to and why Bellamy is laying that hand on Clarke’s shoulder (we see you Bellarke shippers, we see you doing your happy dance). Honestly, I’m not much of a ‘shipper’, but those two need to pull each other’s pants off already. It’s stressing me out.


Season 4 of The 100 is promised to be bigger, and a whole lot less of Lexa and a whole lot more of Luna. It returns to our screens February 1st (which will give us time to stock up on that wine, am I right?)

What’d you think of The 100 season 4 trailer? Tell us in the comment section below!


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