5 Ways To Empower Yourself In 2017

If you’re my similar brand of human – a lazy, procrastinating young adult who’d rather binge-watch Netflix shows than focus on how to better my lifestyle – then I’m guessing 2016 wasn’t a great year for you either.

We had to get off the couch, peel off the fat pants and put on the work uniform; had to listen to self-fulfilled friends and peers talk about their plans and goals. Donald Trump became president. Suicide Squad sucked. And then, in the midst of it all, Princess Leia fucking died.

I mean – really, 2016? Really?

So, yeah. 2016 wasn’t great. But that doesn’t mean that 2017 has to suck, too. Amongst the mental exhaustion from Christmas and the emotional exhaustion from having to spend too much time with your family during it, there’s still hope of empowering yourself this year. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Be Active


Active can mean a lot of things, and so we’re not limiting this term to the act of exercise and fitness. Active can mean getting up in the morning, it can mean volunteering for causes important to you and spending time with long-lost friends. It’s a good idea to leave the house every day, which should be the first step in making 2017 better – because let’s face it, what good is going to come out of staying at home  . . . and watching movies . . . and eating chocolate . . . and okay forget it; it already sounds too tempting. Just get the fuck off your ass every once in a while.

2. Be Confused


Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. I said confused. C. O. N. F. U. S. E. D. A state where you – and every recent image of Britney Spears – are simply unaware of what is happening around you. How is that empowering? It isn’t, not really, but the results of it sure are. Question things. Question why you’re friends with a certain person and if you’re really in the right career choice. Wonder about the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of your life. Take different paths and fail. Generally, just try to figure it all out. And if you don’t – well, this blog is called Tragically Twenty for a reason.

3. Be Single


If you’re in a long-term and committed relationship with three kids and two dogs, then this section isn’t exactly meant for you. Keep doing what you’re doing. But for the rest of us Carrie Bradshaw’s, the ones who are single or who are 20 and in a boring relationship, then please, then let me recommend the best relationship you will ever have in 2017 – the one with yourself. Ignore every rom-com film and television show based on finding love, because that’s a big bowl of B.S. served on a silver platter of unrealistic. In 2017, I suggest you date yourself. Find out what you like and what you don’t like, and then someone else will eventually get the hint and you’ll be your best self once you’re in a relationship. You know that saying, ‘happy wife is a happy life’? I think they have it backward. If you have a happy life, you’ll be the best girlfriend/boyfriend in the world.

4. Be Adventurous 


This one is quite simple. Adventure is one of the people’s biggest new years resolution; whether it’s a local event, a truth or dare activity, or a trip across the world. I don’t even care if it’s semi-dangerous, as long as it’s fun. Just back your bags, listen to ‘Sleep On The Floor’ by The Lumineers, and create your next adventure.

5. Forget 2016 Ever Happened


Wipe it clean. Delete it from your hard drive. Give yourself amnesia. Whatever it takes, don’t think about 2016. Start 2017 with a fresh mind and a fresh memory. This will thus enhance your possibility of empowering yourself.


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