Why You Should Be Enjoying Your Workouts

What is sex appeal?

In current generation’s society, the idea of physical beauty and attractiveness is visualized as loose-clothed woman with blouses and accessories more expensive than our tuition. They live in the city, ‘vaca’ in the suburbs, have unlimited access to Kylie Jenner’s lip kit. They’re the woman we see on the most popular post page on Instagram, and above it all they do it while maintaining a stable relationship and a job that pays for their multiple cars featured in their snapchat stories.

They have blonde hair, blue eyes; tanned skin with long legs and hairless arms. This is what people think counts as sex appeal, it’s what people believe, but the question is – why is this sexy? Why is money thought of as attractive? Why are clothes and shoes bought in order to improve a woman’s sex appeal?

I’m not sure what the answer to that question is, but I do know another alternative that personally makes me feel better than any material of clothing ever could – working out.


It may seem a little odd to people, choosing exercise as my go to look-good-feel-good moment, but the truth is – working out is the cheapest and quickest way to not only raise your self esteem, but your self happiness as well. I mean think about it – we all remember Elle Woods’ workout advice in Legally Blonde, right? Well if you don’t, here’s a run down.


Endorphins are like a free drug for happiness, and not one that you have to insert into your body illegally. They produce a chemical balance in your body that is released once you interact in intense physical activity. It’s like that cheap bottle of wine that you know isn’t the best in taste but still does the job. That’s exercise – sometimes I hate it, sometimes I have to force myself to the gym, but at the end of the day it makes me happier than a sweet hangover on that low priced booze.

This is a scientific method that a million dollar dress can’t even live up to. Had a rough day at work? Go for a run. Had a bad fight with a friend? Hit the weights. Finally watched the 11th season of Grey’s Anatomy? Better start running on that motherfucking treadmill.


I know some of you might read this article and think I’m loco-coco for choosing exercise over the chance of expensive clothing, but whoever you are, I’m telling you now – you’re missing out. The feeling of satisfaction following a workout costs nothing more than the gym membership fee. The pain you feel in your legs a day after hard-core running? Priceless. The sweat you feel around your neck following burpees? Not a damn dime.

And hey, I’m not saying that clothes can’t make you feel good – because believe me, I have a closet full of Nike wear that I should probably auction off so I can afford more money for booze – but I’m just saying to consider another alternative. Women shouldn’t be ashamed for enjoying working out, or to have muscle and outlines. They shouldn’t be ashamed to go to the gym alone in fear of being seen by men. Working out is a new brand of sex appeal – just think about Kate Hudson and Fabletics.


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